Doc Jensen’s Take on the Lost Finale

If you’re one of those folks who felt a bitter sense of disappointment Tuesday night  when you realized it was no longer Lost night, you may also still be still reeling from Sunday night’s series finale.

While I’m not normally one to hop on a bandwagon, particularly when it comes to television shows, I’ll readily admit that Lost had me the moment Jack Shephard’s eye opened in the beginning sequence of the pilot. I came to it a season late, and I had the luxury of watching that first season’s episodes non-stop, so it’s possible that this might have intensified my passion. But I followed every twist, reveal, and jaw-dropper for six seasons–and there were plenty, trust me–trusting that I would get some kind of satisfaction in the end.

That said, I don’t feel cheated. In fact, I’m reminded of what I sometimes ask people when they complain about a story’s lack of resolution: Maybe the closure was somewhere other than where you were looking. Often, though not always, we forget that a tale’s resolution has as much to do with our own expectations as it does with those telling the story.

As always, Doc Jensen had a thoughtful take on the whole thing. Here’s his rundown on the finale.

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