Artists on the Edge: Avant Garde or Off the Deep End?

Here’s an interesting piece from Paper Cuts by Jason Hartley, regarding his and Britt Bergman’s Theory of Advancement. If you’re not familiar with this premise, it basically states that artists who are sometimes thought to have “lost it” or “gone off the deep end” have actually moved beyond the comprehension of their adoring fans.

Of course, this theory interests me as a music and film enthusiast, but I can’t help but look at it from a literary viewpoint as well: think of Joyce’s evolution from Dubliners to Finnegans Wake.

Funny line regarding Sting: Hartley says, “I’ve come to believe that he is Super Advanced because I find it almost impossible to enjoy his work on any level.”

Hartley’s tongue is clearly close to being in his cheek at times, but there’s still a lot to agree and disagree with, which is what art is all about.

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