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There are facets of life that are worth consideration, discussion, and debate, while others are perhaps only worth forgetting at the earliest convenience. And there are just as many issues, people, and ideas that lie along the continuum between these, refusing to fall into either classification. Unfortunately, many of us spend our time on earth devoting great amounts of time to the things better forgotten, but that’s the way life goes, and there seems to be little chance of it changing any time soon.

But what if there were a forum for mulling over the things that we would, in a perfect world, award with our additional attention? The elements of our lives that we would likely spend all of our time engrossed with, given the opportunity. Think of the Court Street Literary Collective as an attempt to create such a forum.

Or, if you prefer, consider it a place to read and talk about really cool stuff.

What to look for here: thoughtful discussions of literature, art, music, philosophy, film, television, and yes, even politics, religion, and freethought.

What to look for elsewhere: polemics, dogma, intolerance, intellectual laziness. In the broadest sense, I suppose these things have their places in the world–if they didn’t, they wouldn’t thrive as they do–but the Internet is a big place, and there are too many other places to find them to waste time here.

Thanks for coming!

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