Plastic Wrap, Backwards Talk, and Cherry Pie: Going Back to Twin Peaks

Man, I still remember the first time I saw Twin Peaks. It was actually my third exposure to David Lynch–I didn’t realize at the time that he’d also directed both Dune and The Elephant Man–and though I went on to watch, love, and sometimes tilt my head quizzically at his other films, Twin Peaks has always held a special place in my heart. In fact, I still consider the pilot for the series to be Lynch’s best film.

The series had everything: the amazing Ray Wise as Leland Palmer (with both dark and white hair), music from Angelo Badalamenti, the haunting voice of Julee Cruise, the freaky-scary Killer Bob, and a cross-dressing David Duchovny. What more could you ask?

Here’s an interview from Hero Complex that includes bits from Lynch, series co-creator Mark Frost, and Kyle MacLachlan. According to the article, Frost recalls that Lynch didn’t want to solve the mystery of Laura Palmer’s murder.

Upon consideration, I have to say I agree.

Link here.

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