From LitReactor: Keeping the “Fertilizer” In Your Writing

From LitReactor, “Organic Word-Growing: Why You Should Keep the Shit in Your Writing”

This is a topic near and dear to me. Every day, I tell students to do this–in so many words, anyway–but it’s advice I find especially difficult to follow.

“Until you know the framework of your own story, it’s impossible to know how well a given line will tie in to the story’s overall objectives, texture, and tone.”

Another priceless piece of advice:

“When a writer can’t translate the world in their head to words on the page, it’s tempting to get stuck in a search for the ‘right words.’ There are several ways to cope. One is to write a note to yourself so you can come back later and fix the issue. Another is to quit writing because it’s too damned hard. But I suggest a third option: Write the wrong words.”

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