Court Street Literary Collective Announces the Launch of Blonde Dog Press

Here’s the big announcement we’ve been keeping under wraps for the last few weeks.

Court Street Literary Collective is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Blonde Dog Press, a new small press devoted to publishing fiction and non-fiction. The emphasis in the beginning will be on small-scale publishing, with limited marketing and distribution, working toward the long term goal of building a reputable press and a venue to get good writing out into the world.

Blonde Dog Press is not going to be a vanity publisher. Instead, we’ll be focusing on publishing high quality, carefully selected writing. There are a ton of small presses out there, and we’re not trying to elbow anyone out of the room; in fact, we love most of them. We do, however, want to establish and grow our own faithful audience of readers who love good, unique writing.

The first thing on the drawing board is an anthology of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, which we’re hoping to get out this summer. Once that’s done, we plan to roll out some additional fiction and non-fiction projects.

We couldn’t say anything until we got a few technical niceties out of the way, but there it is. Before long, we’ll have the Blonde Dog Press website up and start soliciting submissions.

For more news or additional information, stay tuned here or e-mail me at


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