J.G. Walker

J.G. Walker is a writer, editor, and writing coach who lives with his wife in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

His fiction and nonfiction have been featured in such publications and venues as The Little Read Writer’s Hood, Oracle Fine Arts Review, Lullwater Review, and Aoife’s Kiss. Additionally, he has written articles on such topics as literature, music, film, and aviation.

To find out more, visit his website at http://www.jgwalker.net.

Book Review: Howard Odentz’s Wicked Dead

It’s been a few years since Howard Odentz’s novel Dead (a Lot) came out. It turned out to be a nice surprise in a genre that can sometimes be a bit predictable. There are only so many ways you can present the zombie apocalypse, after all, and it’s easy to think just about everything has
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Review of Howard Odentz’s Little Killers A to Z

Continuing in the creepy tradition of his earlier books, the novels Dead (a Lot) and Bloody Bloody Apple, Howard Odentz’s new effort, Little Killers A to Z, is a project that may seem more innocent than what’s come before, at least superficially. It’s no children’s book, though. Once you start reading, in fact, you start
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Book Review: Bloody Bloody Apple

Jackson Gill is a young man with a problem. Actually, Jackson has a number of problems. For starters, he, his girlfriend Annie, and his friend Newie have just found the body of a murdered girl in the woods. But it gets weirder. Although discovering the dead girl was unexpected, it’s nothing new in Apple, Massachusetts. In
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Book Review: Robert Kroese's Starship Grifters

If you’re looking for deep, philosophical science fiction that weighs the problems of humanity in an icy, uncaring universe, then perhaps Robert Kroese’s Starship Grifters isn’t the book for you. Or maybe it is. Here, I’ll explain. Rex Nihilo, the hero of Starship Grifters, is a gambling, drinking, arrogant space captain who has gotten himself into trouble, and it’s
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Stark Acts of Hurt, Kindness, and Elegant Beauty: Charles Dodd White's A Shelter of Others

Charles Dodd White’s latest novel, A Shelter of Others, is a story of regret, redemption, love, anger, and the frailty of memory. It’s about the struggle between what is expected of us, what we offer to those who need us, and what is left after. It’s also a potent tale about people who create makeshift families and improvised alliances, clumsily attempting
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