J.D. Salinger's Toilet Up for Bids

I can’t decide whether this story is funny or sad–ah, who am I kidding, it’s both. According to, well, everyone, J.D. Salinger’s commode is up for bids on eBay. In fact, it may already have been sold, so if your hopes are crushed, I’m deeply sorry. Here are the details at the LA Times Blog.
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Bizarre Book of the Week: December 21, 2012: History’s Final Day?

This week’s example of drooling madness comes from Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe and is titled December 21, 2012: History’s Final Day? Apparently, the world is going to end year after next, which probably isn’t a surprise to anyone who’s tuned into the History Channel or watched a Hollywood blockbuster over the past couple
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The Joys of Witty Banter

Language can be a tricky thing, as anyone who’s ever attempted to participate in a conversation with another person can tell you, and it becomes even more of a challenge when slang and colorful metaphors appear on stage. Thing is, though, the speaker and listener needn’t be separated by miles (or kilometers) to experience this
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Albert Brooks Takes on (the End of) the World

If you’re not familiar with comedian filmmaker Albert Brooks (real name Albert Einstein–seriously), then you probably haven’t seen the films Broadcast News, Lost in America, Modern Romance, or Defending Your Life. If you are aware of Mr. Brooks’ work, or even if you’re not, you might be interested to know that he’s writing a dystopic
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And in Soup Nazi News...

An extra-large crab bisque is twenty dollars, and a small cup costs seven, but if you’re interested, the original soup restaurant that inspired Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi has reopened in Manhattan. The piece never mentions Newman’s favorite, jambalaya, though. Article here