Book geek alert! Here’s a fun quiz from Publishers Weekly. Try and identify the novels in question based on the key words provided. Give it a shot! Full disclosure: I only got five of them, and they were the ones with, let’s just say, unusual words. Quiz here.

Why YA? I’m in my mid-thirties. I read a lot of different kinds of books. But against the biggest wall of my dining room sits a seven-foot tall by six-foot wide bank of bookshelves. These shelves contain my Young Adult (YA) book collection. Most of them are some type of fantasy. They total three hundred
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Seasoned writers will tell you that reading your work aloud can help you find weak spots and room for improvement, and that’s good advice. It’s the closest you can c0me to actually experiencing your own writing as someone else might, particularly if you’re on a deadline. I’d go even further, however, and say that reading
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List of Top 100 Thriller-ish Novels

Also in NPR news, the long-awaited list of the top 100 thriller novels is finally out. To me, the best thing about lists like this is the opportunity they present for quibbling, so I’ll throw in a couple of pennies. First, there should be no list of “best” anything where The Stand comes in behind
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"Under the Radar" Books from Someone Who Knows

Over at NPR, Nancy Pearl has compiled a list of “under-the-radar” or hard-to-find books she heartily recommends. All of these look interesting, but a few in particular grabbed my attention: Emma Larkin’s Finding George Orwell in Burma, S. J. Bolton’s Blood Harvest, and Frank Baker’s Miss Hargreaves. Story and complete list here.