Tonight's (Sunday, March 23) The Walking Dead (fake) Spoilers:

Tonight’s (Sunday, March 23)The Walking Dead (fake) spoilers: I can’t be the only one who enjoyed it when Dr. Eugene’s mullet attained sentience and saved the group in that last scene. Well-played, Eugene’s mullet. Stunning work, sir. Terminus: Leading in production of Soylent Green since the zombie apocalypse. (And sixty days since a lost time
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J.G. Walker: My Favorites of 2013

Generally, 2013 was an okay year–not bad but not exceptional, either–but it was a decent year for entertainment, at least from my perspective. To anyone who claims there’s nothing good to read or watch out there, I say they’re not looking in the right places. Or they’re not looking at all. Here, in no particular order,
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In case you’ve been keeping score (as I have), it looks like plans are to bring Stephen King’s sprawling Dark Tower series to HBO. Considering what HBO has done with A Game of Thrones, it sounds promising. Rumor also has it that Javier Bardem will be playing the part of Roland. Story here.

And in Soup Nazi News...

An extra-large crab bisque is twenty dollars, and a small cup costs seven, but if you’re interested, the original soup restaurant that inspired Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi has reopened in Manhattan. The piece never mentions Newman’s favorite, jambalaya, though. Article here

Doc Jensen's Take on the Lost Finale

If you’re one of those folks who felt a bitter sense of disappointment Tuesday night  when you realized it was no longer Lost night, you may also still be still reeling from Sunday night’s series finale. While I’m not normally one to hop on a bandwagon, particularly when it comes to television shows, I’ll readily
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