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Review of Howard Odentz’s Little Killers A to Z

Continuing in the creepy tradition of his earlier books, the novels Dead (a Lot) and Bloody Bloody Apple, Howard Odentz’s new effort, Little Killers A to Z, is a project that may seem more innocent than what’s come before, at least superficially. It’s no children’s book, though. Once you start reading, in fact, you start
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J.G. Walker: Book Review- King Albert, Colonialism, and a Magic Lotus in Kay Kenyon's A Thousand Perfect Things

Kay Kenyon’s A Thousand Perfect Things is similar in some ways to Susanna Clarke’s 2004 novel Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. It takes place in a slightly askew, alternate, but recognizable reality, and it involves magic, though perhaps not the kind of magic we might expect. In Kenyon’s nineteenth century, Anglica (a version of England) is
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