michelle ladner

Nine Questions with...Jodi Vaughn

I met Jodi Vaughn at a Romance of America Writers conference in Atlanta, Georgia last year. She was funny and down to earth, and I liked her immediately. When I found out about her book and our shared affinity for the paranormal, I knew we’d be fast friends. Here’s the gist of her paranormal romantic
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Michelle Ladner: The Social Netmare

I have this recurring night terror. In it I finally write the book. The best book I can write. I query it. There’s real interest. I’m about to get a publishing contract. The operative word being about. Right when I’m preparing to sign my name on that dotted line, my almost Agent-Editor Googles me on a
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Michelle Ladner- A Perspective on Writing Conferences

2013 was perhaps my most ambitious attempt at a writing conference circuit yet. Six conferences, three of those major, in six months—which included Olde City New Blood, Daddy’s Girls’ Weekend, World Horror and Horror Writer’s Associations international conference, International Thriller Writers’ Thrillerfest, and Romance Writers of America’s international conference. For a yet-to-be-published author not on
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