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Nine Questions with...Jodi Vaughn

I met Jodi Vaughn at a Romance of America Writers conference in Atlanta, Georgia last year. She was funny and down to earth, and I liked her immediately. When I found out about her book and our shared affinity for the paranormal, I knew we’d be fast friends. Here’s the gist of her paranormal romantic
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Nine Questions with...Heather Walsh

In addition to being the author of two novels, Dented Cans and the more recent The Drake Equation, Heather Walsh has an actual life. For one thing, she’s a foodie who loves to eat. She’s lived in New York City, San Francisco, and now Boston, which, she’s quick to point out, are all great food cities. On the
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Nine Questions with...Howard Odentz

Howard Odentz is a man of many pursuits. Not only is he a novelist but he’s also written two musicals, In Good Spirits and Piecemeal. Odentz’s new book, Dead (a Lot), which released this year from Bell Bridge Books, has garnered praise from fans and reviewers. Odentz is a native and life-long resident of Western Massachusetts,
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